Skills and Knowledge Framework

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The Framework is primarily for training planners, trainers and workforce leads responsible for delivering workforce skills building. 

It will also be useful for individual workers who want to reflect on and build their existing knowledge and practice. 

It is designed to be used alongside the Training Plan. It should be understood first before you dive into the details of training planning. 

It has been coproduced with workers, children, young people and their families.  

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The Framework contains three skill levels and is built around five principles. 

Each of the five principles includes statements to demonstrate successful skills or knowledge at each of the three levels. The statements are accompanied by direct quotes from the Children and Families Panel to give examples of the impact these skills and knowledge have on children and young peoples’ lives. 

Each of the learning outcomes also has a specific reading list for learners who have not yet reached the criteria for the level. 

Explore the Framework

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Web version

For an interactive and self paced experience of the Framework, you can navigate this website. Select the Start button or browse the contents page in the sidebar to read specific sections.

Section 7 is an interactive online tool to help you navigate the skills and knowledge needed for a children’s human rights approach in your work. 

It lets you:

  • choose your own path through the principles and learning outcomes
  • store your progress (with cookies)
  • take notes and reflect in a learning journal
  • explore learning resources tailored to each outcome
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PDF version

For anyone who wants to work offline, save it within their own systems to plan training or implementation in their organisation, we provided a PDF version for download.
Select the button below to download the full PDF. You can also click here to download the Executive Summary.

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