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About a children’s human rights approach

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A children’s human rights approach is about working holistically to implement children’s rights as set out in the UNCRC. This approach reinforces the concept of respect for human dignity, which is at the heart of every human rights instrument. 

Specifically, a children’s human rights approach: 

  • builds the capacity of children and young people as rights holders to claim their rights; 
  • supports children and young people to defend their own rights and those of others; 
  • builds the capacity of workers to fulfil their obligations to children and young people; 
  • recognises that relationships based on human rights values are necessary for realising children’s rights; 
  • includes children and young people’s knowledge of what it is like to be a child or young person, and their ideas and their opinions; 
  • establishes the environment and support that enables children and young people to advocate effectively for themselves; and 
  • enables adults to benefit from the rich learning intrinsic to these approaches. 
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