Skills and Knowledge Framework

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Foreword and acknowledgements​

Foreword from members of the Children’s and Families Panel

A drawing of Niamh and Isla surrounded by many hearts
A drawing of Niamh and Isla surrounded by many hearts

“Along with another 12 families in Scotland, we have been working very hard to help shape this UNCRC Skills and Knowledge Framework. We shared a lot of our own stories and our thoughts when creating this work. I hope you can see the results of our voices throughout and understand why this is crucial to children across Scotland. 

The UNCRC is a set of human rights specifically for children, to make sure we can be healthy, happy and safe. This is very important so we can all live our lives with dignity. 

We are so excited that the UNCRC becomes part of the law in Scotland. It is a big commitment. This means every child in Scotland can have their rights fully respected all the time, no matter how old they are, where they live, what they look like, what they can or cannot do, or whether they are rich or poor. We will be loved and cared for. We will be listened to, and our ideas will be taken seriously. We will be supported to reach our goals and become confident adults. 

I know the fact that you’re watching this now means you care about children’s rights. We really want you to become our allies and a children’s rights champion! 

We hope this Framework will help you think about your everyday work, what you need to know and do to put children’s rights at the heart of it. Don’t worry, there are many resources and tools to guide you through.

Enjoy! And remember to have fun. We all learn better when we have fun!” 

— Niamh and Isla 

Foreword from a Minister

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