Skills and Knowledge Framework

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Useful introductory resources
to learn more about children's rights and the UNCRC

If you are new to children’s rights and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) you will find it helpful to explore the following materials before you start working through the Framework.  

Understanding a children’s human rights approach video 

The four minute video explains what a children’s human rights approach means in Scotland. It describes the five principles of a children’s human rights approach: Embedding, Equality and Non-discrimination, Empowerment, Participation and Accountability. It showcases artwork created by the Children and Families Panel. 

Introduction to the UNCRC video 

The five minute video explains the history of the UNCRC, why children’s rights are important and describes what the UNCRC contains. It also summarises the characteristics of human rights, which are universal, inalienable, inherent, interdependent and unconditional. The video includes direct quotes from members of the Children and Families Panel and their artwork. 

Introduction to Making the UNCRC Real Implementation video  

The short two and a half minute videos explain what respecting, protecting and fulfilling human rights means for organisations across Scotland. 

Understanding Children’s Human Rights Guide 

The Improvement Service’s guide for public services in Scotland contains information about what is happening in Scotland to protect children’s rights and what responsibilities public bodies will have as a result of the changes that are happening. It includes information about getting ready for the new legislation and case studies.

Introduction to the UNCRC and children’s rights approach eLearning 

Children’s Parliament Investigates modules support workers to gain a basic understanding of the UNCRC, the practice that helps to deliver children’s rights, and the connections between the UNCRC and wellbeing.  Each of the four modules will take roughly an hour to complete. The four modules are;  

  • What is the UNCRC? 
  • Human Dignity 
  • A children’s rights approach 
  • The UNCRC, GIRFEC and Wellbeing 


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