The Panels

Children & Families Panel

The UNCRC is very much connected with the experience of family life, and parents and carers are respected as grounding the child in love, happiness and security, the basis for a good childhood.

Recognising the importance of family life in the UNCRC and the role of families as a child’s primary educator, carer, and advocate, we’ve adopted a family approach for this project. We’ve recruited 13 families from diverse background to form the Children and Families Panel.

Using creative methods, this panel explores the relationship between family life and children’s rights while offering insights into how professionals can make rights a reality for children in Scotland.

Professional Panel

Made up of individuals from various backgrounds and regions in Scotland, the Professional Panel plays a vital role in shaping the Framework through a collaborative process. This panel consists of 22 members from eight local authorities, two NHS boards, eight public authorities, and two third sector organisations. We have members who work across Scotland, in rural, island and urban communities.

The professionals are sharing their experiences of the Scottish workforce, the opportunities and challenges they see for the implementation of the UNCRC, and what is needed from the Framework to help the Scottish workforce to fully realise children’s rights.  

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