The Partners

Children's Parliament

Established in 1996, Children’s Parliament is a national charity that helps make children’s rights a reality across Scotland. Through rights-based creative practice, we offer children from diverse backgrounds the chance to share their experiences, thoughts, and feelings, ultimately influencing positive change in their lives.

Children’s rights, gathered together in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), aim to ensure that every child is treated with kindness, empathy, trust and dignity. When we talk to children about their rights, we explain how these rights keep them healthy, happy, and safe. We also talk about the importance of relationships. At Children’s Parliament, we work with children to build relationships based on mutual respect and understanding that provide opportunities for children to share their experiences, thoughts and feelings.


Together, an alliance of Scottish children’s charities, aims to improve awareness, understanding, and implementation of the UNCRC.

We do this by:

  • • Promoting the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child
  • • Helping children’s organisations to integrate the UNCRC into their work
  • • Monitoring and reporting on the progress made at a Scottish and UK level

Founded in 1996 as the Scottish Alliance for Children’s Rights, our growing membership consists of various children’s charities, individuals, academics, and professionals interested in advancing children’s rights in Scotland.

JRS Knowhow

JRS Knowhow, a social enterprise based in Scotland, strives to make learning about the law more accessible, inclusive, engaging, and enjoyable. We envision a Scotland where people understand their rights and how to protect them, and where organisations understand their legal duties to promote equality to join us on a journey towards a fairer, more equal and inclusive society.

Just Right Scotland

JustRight Scotland, a team of lawyers and non-lawyers, uses the law to help people and work towards a fairer Scotland. We partner with organisations that share our vision of a more equal Scotland and bring expert online learning skills to our collaborations. By building relationships of trust with our clients and partners, we make principled decisions to increase social justice.

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