Training Plan

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Training Plan Introduction

The Training Plan is designed for training planners, trainers and workforce leads working in Scottish public authorities and public services providers.

It will help you to design accessible, inclusive, creative and fun learning experiences about the UNCRC and a children’s human rights approach for workers.

It has been coproduced with workers, children, young people and their families, and a group of children’s rights training leads.

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What will the Training Plan help you do?

It will be useful whether you are planning induction training materials, updating existing training, creating specific training for leadership, or designing training or eLearning for workers who don’t interact directly with children and young people. The intention is that you:

  • apply the skill level analysis to your organisational context,
  • identify specific areas of the framework to build training plans around,
  • and then the templates provided can be used and iterated to create sector specific learning materials.

The full training plan contains introductory materials, templates, case studies, and prompt questions to help you build training that brings a children’s human rights approach to life, as well as a map of existing training materials. It doesn’t need to be completed all in one go, you can return to it often as you like, as and when it is useful.

How to approach the Training Plan

  • Journey A: If you are new to children’s rights and human rights generally, we recommend you start by learning about effective human rights education.
  • Journey B: If you are already familiar with the UNCRC skip to the section about using the Training Plan.
  • Journey C: If you are training leadership roles, you might like to skip to Planning Training, especially section 5.3 on Framing messages. <link>
  • Journey D: if you are looking for inspiration start with the case studies and the section on building effective learning environments in the annex. <link>

Training Plan Sections


  1. Foreword
  2. The UNCRC
  3. About the Framework and Training Plan
  4. Planning training
  5. Designing training
  6. Delivering training
  7. Embedding the learning
  8. Creating a positive learning environment
  9. Appendixes
  10. References
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Web version

For an interactive and self paced experience of the Training Plan, you can navigate this website. Select the Start button or browse the contents page in the sidebar to read specific sections.

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PDF version

For anyone who wants to work offline, or save it within their own systems, select the button below to download the full PDF. You can also download the short version of the Training Plan <link>.

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