Training Plan

four learners and a trainer looking at a whiteboard with the uncrc framework logo and a paper with stars

Appendix C - Key steps for planning training

Table of Contents

  1. Understanding the workforce – roles and remits
  2. Scoping existing knowledge of the UNCRC and a children’s human rights approach
  3. Assessing training needs – What are the skills and knowledge gaps? – referring to the Framework
  4. Agreeing on learning aims, outcomes and objectives
  5. Identifying quality trainers and training
  6. Developing local training structure and programmes
  7. Designing training delivery plans
  8. Testing the plans
  9. Delivering the training
  10. Evaluating the training
child's drawing of a perfect adult
Children and Families Panel member drawing of a perfect adult

Training Plan Sections


  1. Foreword
  2. The UNCRC
  3. About the Framework and Training Plan
  4. Planning training
  5. Designing training
  6. Delivering training
  7. Embedding the learning
  8. Creating a positive learning environment
  9. Appendixes
  10. References

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