UNCRC Skills and Knowledge Framework Update May

UNCRC Skills and Knowledge Framework Update May


Welcome to our latest Stakeholder update on the Skills and Knowledge Framework for UNCRC implementation. This work has been commissioned by the Scottish Government as part of their implementation strategy, and we welcome your help in creating a nation of children’s rights champions.

We would love to hear how you would like to engage with the project going forward, and have a list of options for you to choose from using the Microsoft form linked here, if you have not already completed the survey.


Stakeholder Event

The project partners are holding another online event for Stakeholders on Tuesday May 9th at 2pm.

This time, the focus will be on exploring what is needed from the Skills and Knowledge Framework for professionals not working directly with children, for example professionals in housing, courts, prison service, planning, transport, place, etc.

We would like to discuss what implementation will mean for them, what they need to help them succeed, and consider how to get their colleagues engaged in children’s rights.

We would value your help in reaching any colleagues or public authority contacts. The sign up for the event is available at the Eventbrite link here, and we would love your help sharing it with anyone you think might be interested in attending. They may want to see more information about the project, and they can find that here on our website.


Project News – From JRS Knowhow and JustRight Scotland

What we have been doing

Thank you to everyone who suggested ideas for our website! We have been busy gathering pictures, blogs and information about the project and will launch our website very soon. Our illustrator is busy working on a logo, banner and icons for the project. They were excited to combine their work with drawings by the children and families panel. The panel also inspired our colour palette and style.

We have a first draft of the framework (which included fun with digital and analogue post-its). Together with the panels, the project team and stakeholders we wrote down what skills and knowledge you need to use when working within the UNCRC.


What we are doing next

We are excited to test ideas, principles, and skills and knowledge with the panels to collaboratively reshape the framework and training plan.

We will also have a full day of planning and training with all our partners, including the Observatory on Human Rights of Children Wales and our funders at the Scottish Government. This will help us to develop a plan for case studies and co-create the agendas for future activities.

Do you want to help us shape the framework, training plan and resources we develop? Let us know your ideas on resource gaps, Scottish Government’s 20 minute training tool,  Easy Read illustrations, and the framework title in this anonymous Slido poll.


Children and Families Panel News – From Children’s Parliament

The Children and Families Panel recently collectively decided on a new informal name: The Every Voice Makes A Difference Panel.

We have been using our Children’s Parliament How Professionals Make Rights Real resources, previously co-produced with children, to teach our families about the UNCRC and children’s rights. The resources can be found here on our website.

Through our monthly Home Mission packs we have been providing fun creative arts resources and activities to engage families in exploring and capturing what children need from professionals to make their rights real. Once packs are returned and analysed, the qualitative data will be used in the project website to share families’ views with all stakeholders. The lived experiences will help identify the skills and knowledge required for the Framework, and their voices will also be incorporated into the Framework resources, for example, as case studies. Feedback on Home Missions has been positive, as evidenced by the high return rate and the quality of views and opinions expressed within them. Our latest Home Mission has tasked the children with creating a job description for the Perfect Children’s Rights Professional.

You can also watch a video about our work so far.

We will shortly be going out to meet our families in small groups and one to one meetings in their communities.


Some quotes from our C&F Panel

“We need more opportunities to take part. We have so much energy and enthusiasm and we want to make cool things happen.” Child panel member

“Ensuring children’s rights are realised currently depends on the standards of individual professionals, and that’s not right.” Adult panel member

“When adults don’t listen to me I feel worthless and like I don’t matter”. Child panel member

“I was given a placement where I was unable to reach my potential because nobody tried to find out what I would like to do or what I was good at. That really affected my confidence. People just made (wrong) assumptions about me.” Child panel member

“We will know professionals are getting it right when all children are treated the same as adults.” Child panel member


Professional Panel News – From Together

The professional panel has had three meetings since December. They have shared their thoughts on what life is like for children and families in Scotland, how public services are doing in upholding children’s rights and what improvement looks like. Following this work, the Panel has explored the values, knowledge, and skills that professionals need to have to uphold children’s rights, and captured reflections on the foundational approach to the Framework and Training Plan.

The panel has highlighted that case studies are beneficial in demonstrating the ways in which children’s rights can be used as a framework for professional decision making. The panel has begun to identify case studies that would be helpful, including in areas which are not traditionally seen as children’s services but have an impact on children. These case studies will be produced in the coming months, if you have any reflections or ideas for potential case studies, please get in touch by email.




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