UNCRC Skills and Knowledge Framework Update August

UNCRC Skills and Knowledge Framework Update August

Drawing of a person. Writing describes what helps them realise children's rights (language, ear, hands, boots)

Project News – From JRS Knowhow and JustRight Scotland 

What we have been up to 

  • We are excited to have launched the website that will support our project work, and give you information about and blogs from the panels we facilitate, news about events and project progress, a gallery showcasing the children’s beautiful artwork, and how to get in touch with us for a chat about children’s rights! You can explore it at: https://uncrc.scot/   
  • We have had workshops with Be More Digital to help us develop a smart digital way to collate, map, and tag, all the brilliant resources on children’s rights and UNCRC in Scotland. Our next steps are to develop a tool that helps you to recommend any great resources you know, and us to showcase them more widely. Watch this space!  
  • We are working on a glossary that will be integrated across the digital materials. Together with the panels we are determining what is a useful format, what terms and words to include, and how to do so in plain English.  need describing.  
  • The workforce survey has been adapted by the Professionals Panel and is being trialled by workforce leads in Scotland  
  • A group of children’s rights training leads met in June to discuss what is helping and hindering training on children’s rights- the group reflected on the usefulness of cross organisational prompt questions, key messages and role descriptors and raised questions about how not to retraumatise learners and whether the training should be mandatory  

What next   

  • The training group meets again in September  
  • Next drafts will be ready in September  

How to get involved  

  • Would you like to help us make our website even better? We want it to be as useful and inclusive as possible. If you are happy to give us feedback, please fill out this Microsoft Form or get in touch for a chat!  
  • Would you like to receive the form above in a different format? Do you want to get in touch with the team for a chat? We’d love to hear from you: https://uncrc.scot/get-involved/.   

Outline of person. Writing describes the gear (heart, wellies, gloves, brain, clothing) that helps them realise children's rights

Children and Families Panel News – From Children’s Parliament 

Our Children and Families Panel have been really busy in the last few months. In addition to our monthly online meetings, we continued to work on our Home Missions to discuss children’s rights in Scotland and to explore what professionals need to know and learn to fulfil these rights. We have now completed six of them. One of the highlights was the Superhero of Children’s Human Rights. We asked children what an adult needs to know and do in order to make rights real for them. They came up with an image of a superhero, and used a job description for this superhero to describe the knowledge, qualities and abilities of this adult.  

Another highlight was our in-person gathering in July. Before we broke off for the summer holiday, the panel got together in Stirling for a fun and productive day. The children worked with Luke Winters from The Story Wagon to write poems about their rights and stories on the theme of Superheroes of Children’s Rights, forming part of the job description mentioned above. We also had different stations where children and adults could play the Labyrinth of Children’s Rights game; talk about their own experience of rights at school, at home and in the community; build a Rightsburgh village using arts and crafts; and get information from Just Rights Scotland about the forthcoming UNCRC legislation. 

The panel is having a pause over the summer so families can have some quality time recharged. Panel engagement will resume in late August. 

In person day gallery. The human rights board game, live sized turquoise story wagon made from wood, the UNCRC articles and two chalk figures with knowledge and skills on post its, crafting materials and wooden miniature houses

Professional Panel News – From Together 

The professional panel has continued their monthly meetings. They have helped plan our stakeholder event for professionals not working directly with children, and our new iteration of the workforce survey. If you are interested in using the survey, or parts of it, with your workforce, please get in touch.  

They have also had a question-and-answer session with the Welsh Observatory on Human Rights of Children, discussing a variety of issues including tackling misconceptions around children’s rights, what works to engage staff in children’s rights, and directing resources to where there is the greatest need. The professionals also gave feedback on some initial resources, discussed how we should be categorising resources, and considered the different learners who would be using the framework and training plan.  

As we have continued to work on the framework, the panel has given invaluable input on the principles we should use, how we should think of the learning levels, and filling skills and knowledge gaps we have identified. The panels next step will be to work to finalise the framework content, and further consider the learner journey.  

In person day gallery. The human rights board game, live sized turquoise story wagon made from wood, the UNCRC articles and two chalk figures with knowledge and skills on post its, crafting materials and wooden miniature houses

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