UNCRC Skills and Knowledge Framework Update

UNCRC Skills and Knowledge Framework Update

Welcome to the first Stakeholder update on the Skills and Knowledge Framework for UNCRC implementation. This work has been commissioned by the Scottish Government as part of their implementation strategy, and we welcome your help to create a nation of children’s rights champions. We have made this video introducing everyone working on the project, which you can watch using the Vimeo link here.

We would love to hear how you would like to engage with the project going forward, and have a list of options for you to choose from using the Microsoft form linked here.


Children and Families Panel News – From Children’s Parliament

We are delighted to welcome fifteen families from across Scotland onto the Children and Families Panel and are very much looking forward to facilitating and supporting a diverse group of children and families to ensure that their lived experiences, insights and voices are the foundation of the Framework. We are excited about children having a meaningful opportunity to make Scotland a better place by sharing their experiences and creative ideas about what professionals need to make children’s rights real.

Our first online meeting was on the 13th December, and we will have a face-to-face meeting to get to know each better at the end of January. We have sent out exciting boxes of art materials and our, specially produced for the Framework, Labyrinth of Children’s Rights board game to all our families in preparation for our fun Home Missions. We are excited to have one of the board games for the Professional Panel to play – where the good and bad children’s rights practice cards have all been written by children.


Professional Panel News – From Together

After struggling to choose from all the amazing candidates who applied, the 23 panel members have had their first online meeting. We held two meetings to make sure we could hear from as many panel members as possible, as it is very challenging to find a date that so many busy professionals can make! The panel brings together a very wide range of experiences, in housing, education, planning, health, social work, the third sector and more, and come from all over Scotland.

The panel’s early discussions have been around existing UNCRC resources, and what works/doesn’t work when it comes to training materials. The panel also discussed what professionals need to know about the experiences of families in Scotland. We would welcome your thoughts on these questions if you would like to share them with us.


Project News – From JRS Knowhow and JustRight Scotland

What we have been doing

We started work to scope out who needs to use the materials, to understand what they already know and map existing training and resources. We conducted two focus groups with trainers, created two surveys (one for workers and one for human resources professionals), held 10 different interviews, and mapped over 50 resources. We are going to continue this work with the panels over time. You can get involved by suggesting resources, sharing the surveys or getting in contact with the team to chat about your work and ideas.

What we doing next

We are looking forward to building a website. This will share updates from the panels, signpost existing resources and share emerging learnings from the project.


Childrens art of a people on they phones

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