Background to the Professional Panel

Background to the Professional Panel

Together is part of an exciting project commissioned by the Scottish Government to work jointly with our amazing partners JustRight ScotlandJRS KnowHowChildren’s Parliament and the Observatory on Human Rights of Children in Wales to explore in depth the skills and knowledge required for different duty-bearers to fully implement children’s rights in Scotland.

Together has brought together a Professional Panel, which is made up of people from a variety of backgrounds, lived experiences, and areas of Scotland. The panel members are playing a crucial role in shaping the Framework through a truly collaborative process. It is exciting to hear the experiences of professionals from across the Scottish workforce, about the opportunities and challenges they see for the implementation of the UNCRC, and learn what is needed to help them and their colleagues to fully realise children’s rights.

The Professional Panel are working alongside a Children and Families Panel supported by Children’s Parliament, to gain from their knowledge and lived experiences.

We have also held our first event for wider stakeholders from sectors across Scotland, to provide them with an update on the project, hear their thoughts on public services current children’s rights practice, what improvement is needed, to discuss the values, skills and knowledge needed for a children’s rights approach, and gain feedback on existing children’s rights resources.

If you are interested in becoming part of a wider Stakeholder group who will be kept up to date on the project and have opportunities to feed in their thoughts on the ongoing work and materials created, you can open this Microsoft form.

Keep an eye on this page for more updates, including future events.

Our Project Officer Mary Campbell outlines how crucial the Panel’s work will be for the Scottish workforce.

Mary Campbell reflects on the Skills and Knowledge Framework progress so far.


Skils and knowledge framerwork

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